Solidarity Forever

Ret mener vi om SOLIDARITY FOREVER...


Christian Juhl, member of the Danish Parliament, Enhedslisten (The Red-Green Alliance)


"The class struggle is international, and international solidarity is the basis of the labour movement for gaining new victories.

The songs have always been our way to create unity and solidarity. Janne Lærkedahl has selected some of the best songs and her powerful and beautiful voice together with the music gives the songs the place they deserve in the labour movement even though they were written many years ago.

Janne Lærkedahl carry the tradition of the old folk songs and protest songs with her into the selected songs; thereby reminding us of her American 'sister in music', Anna Feeney. In one of her most famous songs she sings the words: 'Have you ever been in jail for justice, then you are a friend of mine.

Thank you for the songs, Janne. Please send me ten CD's immediately so that our friends can hear your new, old songs.

PS: I am serious about the ten CD's

Best regards."


Jan Guldmann, Chairmann of 3F's local branch, Grafisk Randers/Århus


"I would like to present the new CD "Solidarity Forever" and singer Janne Lærkedahl with a lot of red roses. I think it is great that there are still people out there, who have the will and the means to release traditional songs with a content expressing opinions on  solidarity. Add to this the fact that the songs are performed by a singer with one of the best and most clear voices in Denmark which gives you the feeling of being part of the experience. It does not get much better than this. I sincerely recommend the CD and I am already looking forward to the next release".


Tommy Andersson, President, UNI Global Graphical & Packaging


"I listened to the CD last night. The songs inspire me and strenghten my resolve to help bring more generosity and solidarity into our world. Good luck with your project".


Steve Walsh, Head of Department UNI Global Graphical


These songs are the very essence of what the trade union movement stands
for and this CD is a great way of celebrating significant milestones in
labour history. What better way of remembering songs for the working class
and I am sure this CD will have many of us after union meetings or on bus
trips singing along!


Lizette Risgaard, Vice-President for LO Danmark (The Danish Confederation of Trade)


"Unity and solidarity between people will never grow old. I very much like the idea of releasing a CD with new interpretations of songs with this message; songs containing opinions and values. And when Janne Lærkedahl and her band are the ones interpreting the songs, the music and the lyrics become as relevant as ever. As always, Janne sings beautifully which is matched by the band. I recommend 'Solidarity Forever* to everybody I know in Denmark and in the rest of the world. Best wishes from me."


Peter Waldorff, General Secretary of Public Services International (a federationof more than 500 public sector trade unions in over 140 countries).

“In a time when labour movement organisations are challenged everywhere, we need songs to help us meet these challenges and to raise our spirits. This mix of new songs and more traditional songs contains a lot of vitamins and solidarity! Good luck with your project."


Simon Tøgern, President of HK/Privat


"It is always exiting to hear some of the many new interpretations of the international labour movement songs, and it is always nice to hear Janne's voice. Janne and her friends make an impressive contribution to a long and rich tradition. I hope the CD's distribution will be widespread. With friendly greetings." Simon Tøgern, President of HK/Privat


Thorkild Jensen, President Danish Metal Union


"If I were to mention two things which go together perfectly, it would be the labour movement and group singing. I have listened to excerpts of the songs on 'Solidarity Forever'. The music gives you the feeling of unity and makes you want to sing – preferably by yourself – but also in a group of people. At our school in the town of Jørlunde, group singing is on the agenda every morning. I have a feeling that some of our shop stewards - on their first visit to the school - think that group singing in the morning is strange but before long they experience that special feeling of unity, and from then on they think it is a great way to start a new day. So it is our plan to continue with this tradition which I believe promotes solidarity – Solidarity Forever."

Thorkild Jensen, President of the Danish Metal Union


Anders Skattkjær, Vice-Presint, Fellesforbundet Norway


The basic values of solidarity, on which the trade union movement is built, has rarely been more important to defend than today. Miscalculated financial politics and insufficient control of capital and markets has pushed millions of people into severe economic and social difficulties. Trade union rights are under pressure. The strength of the trade unions depend upon our targeted organisational work, and our training and motivation of members and shop stewards. “Solidarity forever” is an  inspiring and important contribution to strengthen our unity and solidarity. The choice of songs, with their poignant texts, beautiful melodies and in Janne Lærkedahls performance, makes “Solidarity Forever” an important musical and cultural contribution. I have had the pleasure to experience Janne Lærkedahl live on different occasions. In her performances on “Solidarity forever” her magnificent voice fully comes into its own.  In particular I am impressed by her performance of “Grazie a la Vida” by Violeta Para (“Thanks to  life”). But there are many other songs as well to please and inspire. In the terror attacks in Norway on July 22nd 2011,  young people were killed because of their belief that politics shall build on solidarity. In its aftermaths, songs as represented by “Solidarity forever” had a major importance in rejecting the hatred represented by the terrorist, in dealing with the sorrow, and in moving on. Maybe that is why “Grazie a la Vida” touched me the most.

Anders Skattkjær.


Finn Erik Thoresen, President for Norwegian People's Aid


I have this evening heard the songs and am very impressed.
There is no shortage of resources in the world. It is first and foremost, lack of social justice, a Norwegian poet expressed it this way "Noble is man - the soil is rich. Is there hunger and poverty – is due to the betrayal." The world is not poor, it is unfair.
When international companies and financial markets are becoming more powerful at the expense of the labor movement means less democracy and less opportunity for political control.
Singing and music is important in our struggle for a better world. You are doing important work on this initiative to mobilize the forces of good.
There are people who change the world, and solidarity will never be outdated.
I'm glad this initiative and wish good luck. Can I contribute something, so to speak up!


Nicola Konstantinou, Head of Secretariat for UNI Europa Graphical & Packaging


Dear friends! I really love these songs. All of us have to remember them forever. It is our duty. These songs are part of our culture. They are part of our struggle for a better world.
"Solidarity forever", very good title for this CD! Solidarity between the workers, between the people and across the countries : "International solidarity" and "forever". "Never Forget" and "Never Resign". Congratulations to all who contributed to produce this CD and many thanks. Long life to these songs. They are just beautiful.
"And the union makes us strong"... "All together now"... Nicola Konstantinou


Leif Mattivaino, international secretary, GS-Facket, Sweden


"Dear friends. The CD 'Solidarity Forever' is a splendid initiative. I will spread the news to everybody I know. Best regards. Leif Mattivaino, International Secretary, GS-Facket, Sweden


Christian Grønnemark, Chairman for The local Union HK/Copenhagen


"Great voice, crisp sounds, new interpretations of old songs. Finally came the CD there are talking to your ears and your heart. A great musical experience is highly recommended. "


Benedicte Toftegaard, shop steward, Aller Tryk


"A great and bold initiative! Songs of solidarity or labour movement songs have always been essential in order to raise people's spirits and talk to their feelings. This is important at a time when labour movement initiatives are under pressure. It would be great if the new generations would learn the songs and experience for themselves the feeling of unity you get when you sing together with other people. Janne Lærkedahl has a beautiful voice which is perfect for the songs. Good luck with the project!"

Benedicte Toftegård, joint shop steward, Aller Tryk


Brian Christiansen, shop steward, Rosendahls-Schultz Grafisk


"Solidarity Forever" expresses the joy and warmth and solidarity. Welcome to this wonderful CD.


Allan Mylius Thomsen, historian and writer


On 'Solidarity Forever' you will find a collection of new interpretations of a number of traditional labour movement songs. It is a great idea to collect and record these songs, and since the recording has been done with respect and veneration for the songs and they have been treated professionally and with great care, they are most definitely an enjoyment for your ears, heart and intellect. Best regards Allan Mylius Thomsen.


Britta Thomsen, menber of the EU-parliament, The Social Democrats


"Thank you very much for sending me a sample of the new CD. It is a refreshing feeling to hear an experienced singer like Janne sing the old, yet immortal labour movement songs. These songs are traditional as well as international. Around my corridor here in the European Parliament, my socialdemocratic colleagues from many countries think it is a good initiative. Especially the song 'Solidarity Forever' with lyrics about the union is very popular; probably because they all know it and are able to sing along. Solidarity Forever! :-) "
Britta Thomsen, member of the EU Parliament, The Social Democrats



Svend-Erik Hermansen, S, Councillor in Høje Tåstrup municipality


A historical retrospect - and a message for today! One of the songs - We Shall Overcome - say with few words a little bit about today's issues and struggles. People shall live in peace - without fear. The CD is to reflection - and enjoyment!


Viggo Thinggaard, Chairman for The local Union "HK Østjylland" og Hans-Henrik Hansen, Chairman for "The local Union HK Kommunal Østjylland":


"For the first time in many years in Europe there are a burgeoning public opposition against saving policy and for jobs and social justice. "Solidarity Forever" is published in the right time. The plate chains in a brilliant way internationalism and solidarity together. "


Adriana Rosensvaig, Regional secretary for UNI Americas


These songs make a very essential part of our history. They are in our dreams for justice and freedom. Through these songs we can recognize our voices in other voices, and we sing together when we fight,  when we celebrate victories and when we remember the people that are not anymore with us.
Gracias a la vida is one of these. Is a song to celebrate the life, even if  the life was and it s still difficult for our peoples. Gracias a la vida is the recognition that we are alive and ready to fight. Because the life gave us so much: she gave us the decision to share common ideals and to be together and united.

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Christian Juhl, member of the Danish Parliamnt, Enhedslisten (The Red-Green Alliance)


Leif Mattivaino, International secretary GS-Facket, Sweden


Christian Grønnemark, Chairmann for the local branch HK/Capital


Brian Christiansen, shop steward, Rosendahls-Schultz Grafisk


Svend-Erik Hermansen, S, Councillor in Høje Tåstrup municipality


Viggo Thinggaard, Chairman for The local Union "HK Østjylland" og Hans-Henrik Hansen, Chairman for "The local Union HK Municipal Østjylland