Solidarity Forever

Stanley Samuelsen

Producer and guitarist on “Solidarity Forever”. Inter-national artist who has released several albums with original music. He was a guitarist in the political rockband “40 i feber” and he is a part of “Den udødelige Duo” who was honoured with the 1992 Danish TUC Cultural Award. He has in Denmark previously worked with Gert Smedegaard, Knut Henrik-sen, Stig Kreutzfeldt, Peter Abrahamsen, Tamra Rosanes and many others.


Gert Smedegaard

Drums and percussion. Gert has worked with a lot of Danish musicians and bands. Among them are Thorstein Thomsen, Per Wium, Peter Viskinde, and “På Slaget Tolv”. He is presently wor-king with Stanley Samuelsen and C.V. Jørgensen.


Knut Henriksen

Bass-player and guitarist. He is one of Denmark's most skilled musicians and has played with, among others, Rugsted-Kreutzfeldt, Bifrost, Poul Dissing, Bjørn Afzelius, Peter Thorup, Bo Diddley, Brødrene Olsen and C.V. Jørgensen.