Solidarity Forever

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    Tekst Musik
1 The Rebel Girl Joe Hill Joe Hill
2 Which Side Are You On? Florence Reece Florence Reece
3 We Shall Overcome Charles A. Tindley Charles A. Tindley
4 Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream Ed McCurdy Ed McCurdy
5 Solidarity Forever Ralph Chaplin Traditionel
6 Joe Hill Alfred Hayes Earl Robinson
7 Gracias a la Vida Violetta Para Violetta Para
8 Working Class Hero John Lennon John Lennon
9 Universal Soldier Buffy Sainte-Marie Buffy Sainte-Marie
10 Solo Le Pida a Dios / I only ask of God Leon Gieco Leon Gieco
11 Talkin' About a Revolution Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman
12 Free Nelson Mandela Jerry Dammers Jerry Dammers
13 Imagine John Lennon John Lennon


Steve Walsh, head of Department UNI Graphical Global



Vice-Pesident Lizette Risgård, The Danish TUC